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international Students from 90+ countries
Educational programs for international students
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  • QS World University
    Ranking = 651-700
  • Academic Ranking of World
    Universities (ARWU) by subject
    Dentistry & Oral Sciences = 201-300
  • QS WUR by subject
    (Pharmacy & Pharmacology) = 92
  • QS WUR by subject
    (Medicine) = 150

Educational Programs

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Preparatory Programs

Preparatory Programs

The programs include both language and subject preparation of foreign citizens to be admitted to a main educational program.

General Medicine

General Medicine

The program is focused on the development of students' competences in Clinical Medicine



The program is focused on the training of a general practice Dental Doctor who independently carries out professional activities in Dentistry.



The program is focused on the development of professional competencies in accordance with the principles of pharmaceutical industry.

Master programs

Master programs

Master programs are focused on obtaining applied knowledge in the field of Life Sciences.

PhD programs

PhD programs

PhD programs involve study of fundamental medical disciplines and research work.

Residency programs

Residency programs

The program of postgraduate training and advanced training of medical doctors in any field.

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Why Sechenov University?

Sechenov University - is one of the largest multifunctional clinical campuses
in the Eastern Europe

Buddy Program

We help incoming international students to settle into life in Moscow and feel more confident in a new cultural and social environment

Sechenov’s Young Science Entrepreneur

We create a scientific environment and support students thoughtout a pathway to own research projects

International Student Society

We popularise culture of international students’ native countries and strengthen communications between more than 30 communities of international and Russian students

More than 35,000 sq. m of research facilities

7 research biomedical and bioengineering institutes

More than 130+ student communities in Science, Culture and Sport


  • Egypt
  • Tadjikistan
    Sechenov University has strong academic & scientific programs that gives students the opportunity not only to study, but also to participate in research, develop their skills and gain valuable experience.
  • Iraq
  • India
    I am a fifth-year student of Sechenov Institute of Dentistry. Our lectures are experts in their field and are always ready to help students. We have many opportunities for practical training, including laboratories and internships.
  • Kazakhstan
    Sechenov University provides not only a high level of education but also great opportunities for creative realization, supports all their initiatives. I am very grateful to our university for the quality of its knowledge and for its environment.
  • Armenia
    Sechenov University allows you to immerse yourself in academic studies and science due to informative seminars and lectures, as well as in public life due to variety of interesting events that make student life richer and more diverse.

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